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Growth Equity Capital

For Expansions & Acquisition

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Growth Equity Capital for Acquistions & Developments
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Our Pan -European Growth Equity Program:

We propose a JV structure on the asset level, partnering with a credible institutional investor to support your expansion and new acquisitions within a multi-investment and development program over several years.

*Our program fits small to large companies pending their strategy, expertise, and deal pipeline

The key elements of our program include:

  • Investor's equity commitment starting from €50 million.

  • Deployment of equity commitment in smaller amounts for various investments and developments over the program's duration.

  • Investor's participation covering 90-95% of the required equity.

  • The local partner's or company's equity share can be as low as 5-10%.

  • The company benefits from ongoing management fees and a significant additional profit share (promote) at exit, based on a pre-agreed hurdle rate (IRR).

*Various JV and deal structures are available, tailored to the specific details of each transaction.

We Support Expansion in Various Real Estate Segments Across Europe:

Our mission is to help you expand by providing the equity capital you need for development and new acquisitions in diverse real estate segments across Europe, including:

TAGOR  GROUP is a versatile investment and management company operating across Europe. We work closely with institutional investors, and together we are providing Growth Equity Capital to European real estate-related companies.

In today's financial landscape, characterized by high bank interest rates and low Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios, real estate companies often need to invest more equity to expand their operations. Traditional financing options like bridge or mezzanine loans face challenges due to high rates.

Tagor Group's strategy leverages our well-established relationships with major international investors. This enables us to facilitate Joint Ventures (JVs) and provide equity capital to small and mid-size real estate-related companies, local operators, and partners with a strong track record and a clear expansion strategy, in need of equity capital for growth and new acquisitions.

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