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Investments & Management

Unfound NPLs Borrowers




Unsecured NPLs

Purchasing and managing NPLs portfolios of unfound borrowers

Our Investment Strategy:

  • We specialize in acquiring and managing portfolios of non-performing loans (NPLs) in cases where borrowers cannot be located or contacted.

  • Our focus includes portfolios and sub-portfolios of unsecured NPLs with a minimum exposure of €2,000 per loan.

  • We also handle secured loans with real estate collateral, including properties purchased by foreign buyers who are now uncontactable. This category encompasses vacation homes, apartments, villas, residential buildings, and more.

Our Primary Focus - Spanish NPLs:

  • We concentrate on unsecured NPLs portfolios where borrowers are unfound.

  • Our scope extends to portfolios or sub-portfolios of personal loans, SMEs, mortgage tails, and other loan types that involve recourse or personal guarantees, with an average individual loan balance exceeding €2,000.

Our Business Models for Portfolio Owners and Servicers:

  1. Success based - Revenue Share:
    We collaborate with portfolio owners to maximize the value of challenging loan positions. Tagor Group, along with our tech partners and a reputable Spanish collection company, assumes full responsibility for portfolios or sub-portfolios of unsecured NPLs comprising
     of unfound borrowers. This includes tracing, scoring, and collection efforts. The collection proceeds are shared between Tagor Group and the portfolio owner based on a pre-agreed formula.

  2. Outright Purchase or Co-Investment:
    We offer to purchase or co-invest in unsecured NPL portfolios with unfound borrowers, with no size limit.

Strict data protection methods/procedures are implemented

  1. State-of-the-art systems, information and data security protocols to safeguard the information of our clients, consistent with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and white paper with an extensive overview of  data security,  ISO 27001 standards for managing information security. Certificates are available upon request.

  2. Cloud-based and only draw on open data sources

International Borrowers

Local Borrowers

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Portfolio Management 

Unfound Borrowers

Secured & Unsecured


Full Compliance with

GDPR Regulations

Unlocking Value from Unfound NPLs Borrowers

NPL portfolios often include a certain number of borrowers who remain unfound or uncontactable. The ability to locate and profile these borrowers is crucial for expediting debt collection and resolution.

We provide a comprehensive and integrated solution designed to optimize business processes and enhance revenue from unsecured NPL portfolios by unlocking value from these unfound borrowers.

Through a combination of supervised machine learning classification models and expert-driven investigative techniques.The company’s data enrichment platform enables discovering critical information for loan workouts, such as contact information, employment status, vital status (deceased/alive), and so on. These enriched data points enable collection partners to employ personalized and omni-channel negotiation tactics .


Our Approach:

We are committed to implementing state-of-the-art systems and information security protocols to protect our clients' data. Our practices align with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and adhere to ISO 27001 standards for managing information security.


Loan Management including Co-Investments/Revenue Sharing:

Our approach offers flexibility, allowing us to either co-invest or fully manage portfolios, from the initial tracing to the collection phase. We base our engagement on a pre-agreed revenue sharing model or, when applicable, consensual repossession.



Our Competitive Advantage:

Leveraging cutting-edge Israeli intelligence technology.

Proficiency in locating unfound borrowers using methods not commonly found elsewhere.

Employing the latest generation of online tracing and profiling techniques (open sources).

Ability to locate borrowers across Europe.

Expertise in portfolio management and value maximization.

Ensuring full compliance with strict data protection and GDPR regulations.

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Pan European

 5bn EUR Total Exposure (GBV) valued and advised

track record
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