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Pan European


Unfound NPLs Borrowers




Unsecured NPLs

Purchasing NPLs with uncontactable/unfound borrowers

 (Single positions & portfolios) 


We target opportunities that are underserved by traditional bank and investors in which we have a competitive advantage allowing us to generate high returns through a proactive and creative investment approach. Focusing on the segment of Unfound/Uncontactable borrowers of various sizes including single positions and sub portfolios of smaller granular loans as well as larger positions.




Our investment strategy:  

Buying Secured and Unsecured Non-Performing loans where the borrowers could not be found or contacted.

Our Investment Focus:

Single positions & Portfolios of uncontactable NPL borrowers.

  • Secured loans- With real estate collaterals, Including assets bought by foreign buyers which are now uncontactable. (Such as: vacation homes, apartments, villas ,buildings & more)

  • Unsecured loan- With larger exposures with minimum 50K per loan.
    (A Pan European program.)

International Borrowers

Local Borrowers

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 Tracing & Profiling 

Unfound Borrowers

Secured & Unsecured


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GDPR Regulations

Pan European Success Based Debt Solution and services:

NPL Portfolios often contain a certain number of Unfound/Uncontactable Borrowers. Locating and profiling these Borrowers allows for a faster debt collection & resolution.

​We implement Israeli Intelligence technologies as well as employ multilingual analysts, recruited from elite IDF intelligence units, to efficiently locate and profile borrowers while complying with all European data protection regulations.

Tagor Group will take over single name loans or a carved-out sub portfolio made of only unfound borrowers. We will trace & profile and upon request, collect/settle based on client policies and procedures.  Allowing portfolio

owners to focus on higher value items and save resources and time.


Loans Management plus Co- Investments (Risk Sharing):

We will co-invest, take over positions to Trace, Profile and Negotiate an out of court settlement via Consensual sale or Consensual Repossession.  Operating under a pre agreed upon profit share based on recovery amount above a predefined price.


Our competitive advantage: 

Corporate/SME/private loans

Utilizing Israeli Intelligence technology

Locating borrowers not found by other methods

Borrowers not found for 4 years were located in 3 weeks

New generation of Online Tracing & Profiling

Results with in 2-4 weeks

Locating borrowers for NPLs portfolio buyers at DD stage of the bid process

Cost effective vs. results

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5Bn EUR Total Exposure (GBV) valued and advised